The Big Step – A Personal Reflection.

The Big Step is a campaign project formed and run by people who have suffered gambling harm. We are a part of Gambling With Lives, a charity set up by bereaved family members and friends who have lost loved ones due to gambling-related suicide. It was the morning of The Big Step and I knew... Continue Reading →

5 Tips For a Gamble Free Christmas. we we are in December already. It's been the shortest/longest year on record. For Gamblers, this time of the year can be particularly tough. If you are worried about gambling over Christmas, here's a few tips you might find helpful: 1) Plan for Payday: If you are working full-time, part-time or in receipt of... Continue Reading →

The Cover all Bases Series #2: New Beginnings.

  After years of procrastinating, months of saving, and dozens of sleepless nights, the time had finally come to leave Aberdeen to travel. It had been a long time coming and despite setbacks, I felt I was ready and I wanted it, so badly. Despite their differences, my family had mustered a little gathering –... Continue Reading →

Gambling & Childhood: A Timeline.

“I worry for the next generation” was the quote and headline used, when I was interviewed for an article for The BBC. A year and a half later, I can’t say I’m any less concerned. I once attended Youth Work training, which centred on Social Media, Apps and Technology. I sauntered in, pulled up a... Continue Reading →

Alcohol and Gambling: a pint before a punt?

The average person who doesn’t gamble, may think that you’d surely have to be blackout drunk to gamble excessively; or be riding high on whatever your recreational drug of choice is. Gambling is generally painted in an alluring way in mainstream film and media - a heady world of casinos and sporting events; drugs; sex,... Continue Reading →

Gambling Debt and The ‘Fear’.

When I think back to the year or two before I finally managed to get on top of my gambling addiction, I’m astonished that I didn’t find myself in debt. During this period, I was auto-piloting my way through life and hanging on mentally by a very fine thread. I was doing a good job... Continue Reading →

Gambling Triggers.

Triggers}} Having awareness about what may potentially trigger a gambling relapse is one thing, but what about the unexpected curve balls that life sometimes throws your way? I'm using this picture of a children's claw machine as a prime example of something seemingly ordinary and harmless, yet something that can really set you back in... Continue Reading →

A Troubling Day.

A Troubling Day}} Occasionally, I will walk from the West End of Edinburgh; (where I live now) to the East End (where I used to live) to see what's new; what's gone; and what's still there. Thankfully, the amazing Sicilian Bakery is still going strong. The best bakery in Edinburgh in my opinion. My walk... Continue Reading →

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