Online: The Early Years.

At fourteen years old, I had one of three reasons to be home by 6pm: Grounded; Dinner's ready; too dark outside to play football.   By fifteen, I'd rush home at five thirty in preparation for 6pm: mulling around upstairs in a room that had not been used for anything other than a dumping ground for paperwork, old VHS tapes and... Continue Reading →

Travelling: The Day I Said Goodbye.

After years of procrastinating, months of saving and dozens of sleepless nights, the time had finally come to leave Aberdeen. For how long? I didn't know. All I knew is that I wanted it so badly. Despite their differences, my family had gathered – Mum, Dad, both Grandmas and Grandad - but I had made... Continue Reading →

How ADHD affects me at: Home.

Having ADHD is like having 15 computer tabs open at once. My brain isn’t particularly focused on any one tab, but I am constantly labouring through shutting them all down. At its worst, my focus and thoughts are fragmented with incessant mind chatter, which can make dealing with ordinary, everyday things difficult. If new tabs are added when I’m not dealing... Continue Reading →

How ADHD affects me at: work.

For most of my teen years and into my twenties, I floated in and out of hospitality work: pulling pints, waiting tables, grafting long hours in the kitchen. You name it; I’ve probably done it.   The conversation of ADHD never came up as I was able to cope in this type of environment. I thrive in... Continue Reading →

How ADHD affected me at: School

“There is nothing wrong with his hearing” was the general conclusion to the Audiologist appointment my parents took me to when I was younger. They couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t processing and understanding information in the same way other kids do, so they assumed I couldn’t hear.   I could hear and understand perfectly... Continue Reading →

5 Tips For a Gamble Free Christmas.

Well, we are nearing that time of the year already. Again... For Gamblers (and affected others) Christmas can be particularly tough. If you are worried about gambling over Christmas, here's a few tips you might find helpful: 1) Plan for Payday: If you are working full-time, part-time or in receipt of benefits, you are probably... Continue Reading →

The Cover all Bases Series #2: New Beginnings.

  After years of procrastinating, months of saving, and dozens of sleepless nights, the time had finally come to leave Aberdeen to travel. It had been a long time coming and despite setbacks, I felt I was ready and I wanted it, so badly. Despite their differences, my family had mustered a little gathering –... Continue Reading →

Gambling & Childhood: A Timeline.

“I worry for the next generation” was the quote and headline used, when I was interviewed for an article for The BBC. A year and a half later, I can’t say I’m any less concerned. I once attended Youth Work training, which centred on Social Media, Apps and Technology. I sauntered in, pulled up a... Continue Reading →

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