5 Tips For a Gamble Free Christmas.

Well...here we we are in December already. It's been the shortest/longest year on record. For Gamblers, this time of the year can be particularly tough. If you are worried about gambling over Christmas, here's a few tips you might find helpful: 1) Plan for Payday: If you are working full-time, part-time or in receipt of... Continue Reading →

Gambling & Mental Health: Part 1.

On a cold, rainy morning in Edinburgh, I sat feeling numb in an overly bright waiting room of my local GP, not entirely sure what I was going to say or if I even cared enough to fully disclose my true feelings. I guess I felt down? Flat? Not myself? It was hard to pinpoint... Continue Reading →

The Cover all Bases Series #2: New Beginnings.

  After years of procrastinating, months of saving, and dozens of sleepless nights, the time had finally come to leave Aberdeen to travel. It had been a long time coming and despite setbacks, I felt I was ready and I wanted it, so badly. Despite their differences, my family had mustered a little gathering –... Continue Reading →

Gambling & Childhood: A Timeline.

“I worry for the next generation” was the quote and headline used, when I was interviewed for an article for The BBC. A year and a half later, I can’t say I’m any less concerned. I once attended Youth Work training, which centred on Social Media, Apps and Technology. I sauntered in, pulled up a... Continue Reading →

Alcohol and Gambling: a pint before a punt?

The average person who doesn’t gamble, may think that you’d surely have to be blackout drunk to gamble excessively; or be riding high on whatever your recreational drug of choice is. Gambling is generally painted in an alluring way in mainstream film and media - a heady world of casinos and sporting events; drugs; sex,... Continue Reading →

Gambling Debt and The ‘Fear’.

When I think back to the year or two before I finally managed to get on top of my gambling addiction, I’m astonished that I didn’t find myself in debt. During this period, I was auto-piloting my way through life and hanging on mentally by a very fine thread. I was doing a good job... Continue Reading →

Gambling Triggers.

Triggers}} Having awareness about what may potentially trigger a gambling relapse is one thing, but what about the unexpected curve balls that life sometimes throws your way? I'm using this picture of a children's claw machine as a prime example of something seemingly ordinary and harmless, yet something that can really set you back in... Continue Reading →

A Troubling Day.

A Troubling Day}} Occasionally, I will walk from the West End of Edinburgh; (where I live now) to the East End (where I used to live) to see what's new; what's gone; and what's still there. Thankfully, the amazing Sicilian Bakery is still going strong. The best bakery in Edinburgh in my opinion. My walk... Continue Reading →

The Great Outdoors.

The Great Outdoors}} My reality is this: if I don't make it outside within an hour or two after waking up, it often becomes problematic. I can get increasingly anxious and agitated, and will lose myself in hours of procrastination. The only way around this is to leave the house. It's that straightforward. When I... Continue Reading →

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